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Asbestos Abatement on Independence Day

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July 4th was celebrated with... asbestos abatement! It's been a long wait for work to begin, and part of the delay was caused by discovery of asbestos in the old house. 

As you may have heard, Spellbound Children's Bookshop is planning a move to 829 Haywood Road in the West Asheville neighborhood of Asheville, NC. During construction, the bookstore is temporarily downsized and operating a pop up shop inside The Hop Ice Cream Cafe at 640 Merrimon Avenue. Basically, you can find Spellbound directly underneath our previous location, which makes it easy peasy for customers. Eternal thanks to Greg and Ashley, owners of The Hop, for graciously inviting Spellbound to set up shop there!

Currently there's an old house on the site at 829 Haywood that has been boarded up for decades. Some kids in the neighborhood call it the haunted house or "the ghost house"! It's not really feasible to remodel it, unfortunately. There's just too much rot, plus other major structural issues, to work with it. A sink and some other reusable items have been salvaged and the old building is going to be demolished soon so that a new one can be built. Here's a short video tour of the inside, if you're interested! It's the first entry on a playlist of short videos charting construction progress on the boosktore's new YouTube channel.

One major delay (surely the first of many) was the discovery of asbestos in the old house. Asbestos was commonly used in siding, ceilings, and other buidling components back in the days before anyone knew how dangerous the substance is to inhale. Special steps have to be taken to remove it safely. So professional asbestos abatement became the first task to tackle before the building can be demolished to make way for the beautiful new building. 

I'm happy to report that on July 4th the old asbestos siding was removed. After lots of waiting around for inspections and permits, it's exciting to see some actual physical progress taking place! Next step is demolition of the old house, which can now be done safely and will be handled by the same company that did the asbestos removal.


Just for kicks, below you'll find some books related to this blog post. Just click on the covers to learn more and/or order from Spellbound. Your continued support through sales both in person and online are helping the bookstore through this exciting but slightly scary transition period so that Spellbound can return to full size, bigger and better than ever before. Thank you!


Deadly Mine: Libby, Montana (Eco-Disasters) Cover Image
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Asbestos Heights Cover Image
ISBN: 9781552453094
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Fatal Deception: The Terrifying True Story of How Asbestos Is Killing America Cover Image
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Published: Atria Books - September 2nd, 2003

An expose from 2003.