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How To Create a Wish List

Create a wish list for yourself or to share with friends or family. You can set it to "private" so that only people who have been sent the link will be able to see your list, or you can leave it so that anyone who knows the email address you created it with can search for it. You must be signed in to Spellbound's website to create a wish list or purchase from someone else’s list.

Create a list by choosing a book you would like and clicking on the title. Click the 'Add to wish list' button. Once you’ve added the first title, you can manage your list by going to 'My Account' at the top of the page and clicking on 'Manage Wish list'. From here you can click on Wish list settings to name your list (e.g., My Birthday, Jay's Graduation, Mrs. Smith’s Class Library, etc.), set an optional date for it to expire, and change quantities or remove titles. When someone buys a title from your list, that information will be reflected on the list to avoid duplication. You can use it as a private To Be Read list or a gift registry or any way you'd like!

To email your list to friends or family, click on 'Email your wish list' and change the subject line and outgoing message to whatever you choose. Example: Dear family, these are the books Madison wants at Spellbound.

Then add up to 10 email addresses at a time, separated by commas, and you’re done!

School and Organization Wish Lists

Schools and organizations find wish lists a handy way to hold a "book fair" with us.  Even after book fair time has concluded, classrooms can keep their lists available for access.  Schools can send out link to anyone who might want to buy a book for the school. We'll post the wish lists here for schools and organizations that want this service.