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Spellbound Children’s Bookshop wants to partner with your school! We believe that a school partnership is a critical community partnership, and just one more way that we can accomplish our mission of raising lifelong readers who are curious, imaginative and independent thinkers. By partnering with us you can take advantage of our intimate knowledge of books for kids and teens and keep the dollars local! Here are just some of the benefits we can provide:

Educator Discounts
Spellbound offers a generous discount off retail for most books purchased for library or classroom use. Just call us or use the contact form on our website to give us a list of titles and quantities, and we’ll get you a quote right away. Spellbound is on the approved vendor list for both Asheville City and Buncombe County school systems.

Author/Illustrator Visits
Spellbound works with publishers to bring authors and illustrators to speak at schools. Many award-winning children’s authors are local to Asheville or may come through on book tour, and there is no better way to get kids excited about books than through an in-person presentation with an author or illustrator!

Library or Classroom Book Drive
For schools working on stocking their library or classrooms with books, you can quickly and easily create a wishlist on our website. We can work with you to publicize the school’s book drive to parents and other supporters, who can purchase books in the store or online during the drive period. The featured books are offered at a 10% discount and we will deliver them to the school free of charge.

Summer Reading/Required Reading Lists
Schools or individual teachers can contact Spellbound to register their summer reading lists or other required reading lists, and Spellbound can make sure to have books on the list available. We can also post the lists on our website.

Book Fairs
We can provide fundraising book fairs for pre-school through high school and we offer several options:

  • Traditional book fairs: books are set up at school to be purchased on-site (requires parent/staff volunteers)
  • In-store book fairs: your school doesn’t have to provide volunteer staff to set up and make sales–you just promote the heck out of it and get a percentage of bookstore sales during a set time period
  • On-line book fairs: parents can shop the fair from home and Spellbound delivers the ordered books to your school in one bulk delivery
  • Book fair flyers: school sends home flyers and collects the money, then Spellbound delivers the ordered books to your school in one bulk delivery

… or custom combinations of these options. The earlier you sign up for a date, the better your chances for getting your preferred date and for being able to customize options.

Please note: Three months notice is required for a traditional multi-day in-school book fair. 

We’re happy to discuss options with PTO groups or other volunteers as well as staff.

Book Talks
Spellbound’s years of experience and advance knowledge of forthcoming books can be a wonderful resource for teachers and librarians. We’ll come to your school, present the latest releases to you and take orders so that you can stay ahead of the curve and have the newest books as soon as they are available!