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Spellbound offers a monthly subscription program called Book Post. It's a wonderful gift idea for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, or any time. Books are selected by the staff of Spellbound Children's Bookshop, an independent bookstore in Asheville, NC specializing in books for babies, kids, and teens since 2004. We ship anywhere in the continental U.S. and have sent books to subscribers in almost every state.

Book Post is an ongoing monthly delivery that you may end at any time. Your credit card is kept on file and charged each month based on the actual retail price and shipping weight of the book sent plus a small service fee to cover packaging materials and staff time.

The subscription recipient will be mailed a presentation card telling them about the subscription program along with the first book shipment. Premium subscribers also receive a questionnaire to help personalize book selections. We often put small free gifts in the packages, such as bookmarks or stickers. All packages will be addressed from you, the gift-giver, "c/o Spellbound Book Post" in the return address. Please let us know in your order if you'd like the "From" line to say just your name or something like "Grandma," "Dad," "Aunt Jane and Uncle John," etc. You will receive an email receipt showing you the exact amount of the charge that month. If you would like to discontinue at any time, simply call or email and we'll stop shipments. 



Basic subscription
This option sends our top staff pick of the month to subscribers in categories determined by age. For example, each subscriber in the 0-3 years age category receives the same book, which will be a newly released title we love. Pricing: retail price of book + $2 to cover processing and packaging + actual cost of postage =  your cost. For example, if this month's book has a retail price of $7.99, your cost will be $9.99 plus the actual cost of postage (usually $2.50-$4.00 based on weight of the book). Sales tax will be collected if the purchaser's billing address is in North Carolina.

Premium subscription     
This option sends subscribers individually chosen titles based on age, reading level, and interests indicated on a one-page questionnaire This option is great for readers who are very advanced or who may have been labeled "reluctant readers" because they haven't found a book to spark their reading interest yet. It's also great for the voracious reader who seems to have already read all the popular new books for their age group and needs someone to dig deeper to find their next favorite read. It's also a good choice if you want to send a separate subscription to two siblings and make sure they each receive different titles. Pricing: retail price of book + $5 to cover processing and packaging + actual cost of postage =  your cost. (Note: this is the same service former subscribers received in fixed 6- or 12-month subscriptions. New structure and pricing as of September 2018.)

We ship the most cost-effective way possible unless you request a different method. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted.

If you would like to place an order, please click here to send an email with the recipient's name, mailing address, and age as well as your name and we'll reply with an email invoice inviting you to enter your credit card number to be kept on file and charged each month as soon as that month's book has shipped. Your card information will be secruely encrypted and stored through Square. Feel free to call 828-575-2266 with any questions.

For more detail about age categories, read on...

Please see below for descriptions of the various categories with examples of book selections. A subscription may begin in one category and then move to another to another as the child ages. On our end, we pay attention to the recipient's age / date of birth and will send books from the appropriate age category as the months (or years) pass. All titles chosen are appealing to both boys and girls, and month to month we strive to send books that embrace the beautiful diversity of people in our world. We're happy to chat with you about which subscription plan is the best fit for your loved one and for your budget. 

Baby Books
Books for ages 0 to 3 in formats such as board books and cloth books made to withstand baby's adorable grabby little fingers

October 2018: Good Night Owl board book, $7.99 msrp


Illustrated Books For Ages 3 to 6
Hardcover only

October 2018: Good Rosie! $16.99 msrp


Early Reader 
Includes paperback leveled readers, such as the I Can Read series, which are generally $3.99-4.99 paperbacks, as well as other books designed for developing readers, such as Elephant & Piggie, which are hardcover and generally $8.99-9.99

October 2018: Fregus and Zeke, msrp $4.99


Illustrated Books for Ages 4 to 8
Hardcover only

October 2018: Interrupting Chicken and the Elephant of Surprise, msrp $16.99


Early Chapter Books
Books for newly independent readers with several chapters, plenty of pictures, and content suited to ages 6 to 10. Mostly paperback.

October 2018: Who Is Judy Blume? msrp $5.99


Middle Grade (Ages 8-12)
Mostly novels but occasional nonfiction as well. Choose hardcover or paperback.(Most titles publish in hardcover first, then may be published in paperback a year or two later.)

October 2018 hardcover: The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, msrp $16.99

October 2018 paperback: The Uncommoners #1: The Crooked Sixpence, msrp $7.99


Young Teen (Ages 12-14)
Books with content of interest to young teens without content or language that will be too mature or make their parents blush. In particular with an eye toward graphic violence and/or sexual situations. Choose hardcover or paperback. (Most titles publish in hardcover first, then may be published in paperback a year or two later.)


October 2018 hardcover: Give Me Some Truth, msrp $18.99

October 2018 paperback: Last Reality #1:Otherworld, msrp $10.99


Older Teen and Adults
Books geared toward teens 14 years and up, with content at high school level. In other words, content and language may (but will not always be) quite mature. May include some books technically published for the adult market, but with a high "crossover" appeal for teens, featuring teen or young adult characters. (Examples of crossovers from the classics shelf would include To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye, though we send newer titles.) Choose hardcover or paperback.

October 2018 hardcover: The Lantern's Ember, msrp $17.99

October 2018 paperback: Strange the Dreamer, msrp $12.99


Special categories

Books for Adults Who Love Children's Literature
The ideal recipient for this might be a teacher, author, child care worker, or anyone who loves to keep up with the world of children's literature. Books in this subscription may include books of literary criticism, biographies of authors and illustrators, collections, and recent award winners. Mostly available as hardcover, with occasional paperbacks.

Graphic Novels 
Choose from these age groups: 8 and under; 8-12; 10-14; 15 and up. Many popular titles are now published simultaneously in hardcover and paperback. We send paperbacks if available.